About This Site

What is Carefree Realities and why?

The simplest answer: I want to help you live more, worry less.

Today there is so much emphasis on getting better physically. Eating healthy, dieting, looking your best, working out, running etc. While I agree that taking care of your physical well being is important, there is not nearly enough out there on getting better mentally (which I’d argue is far more important).

Your mind is the most precious resource through which you experience everything. It’s how you perceive who you are, how you view others, and how you experience the world. It’s what you rely upon to feel happy, fulfilled, emotionally stable. It’s our greatest tool toward a fulfilling life and yet we rarely spend any time to look after it.

Fears, worries, doubts, insecurities, anxiety are the biggest things limiting people’s lives. They can be the crusher of your dreams, the limiting forces of your life, and the cause of most of your problems.

More often then not, the mind seems to be our enemy. Instead of working for you, it works against you. It cripples you, tells you what to fear, tells you you’re no good, what you can’t do. It’s the place of the greatest conflict, out to worry you to death, out to break you down.

And I hate that. I hate that so many people out there have these mental issues, insecurities, problems, and anxieties. I hate that anxiety and fear dominates so much of people’s lives.

I love to think about what people would do, accomplish, and go after, if they just knew how to look anxiety + worry in the eye and say “fuck you, I’m doing it anyway.” How to drown out the hundreds of voices in your head telling you can’t do something and instead listen to the one voice that says “watch me.” THAT is why I am writing this blog. In the hopes that some of you may be able to take what I have learned and wrote about here, and use it to better your life. I cannot promise or guarantee that I will change your life, but if I can help you even in the slightest to help you overcome this pain and become a little better, then that will be worth my time.

We all want to be better. We all have dreams, wants, desires, ambitions. We all want to be the hero in our own movie that is our life. But to achieve any of this requires work. And it all starts in your mind.

So as my man Mr Dwayne Michael Carter said before when he dropped the A Milli Free Mix “this is for everybody, for y’all, no charge, just because, yanamean? lets go…”